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Supports Any Patient

The Panther Line of ventilators optimally supports adult through neonate* patients with any respiratory acuity level. The range of compatible accessories allows optimized control and management of the patient's condition.
The Panther platforms NIPPV* mode was specifically developed for neonates and designed to work with our proprietary SMART Trigger™ to provide reliable and safe synchronized nasal ventilation via nasal prongs or masks. NIPPV is an innovative solution for fragile lungs that helps clinicians provide safe leak compensated non-invasive neonatal ventilatory support.
Reliable, convenient, and designed for safety, NIPPV offers responsive leak tolerant triggering, apnea detection and support, effective monitoring and alarm management, automatic leak compensation and is compatible with a variety of nasal prongs and masks.
* Option is not available in the USA

Supports Any Patient
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