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The Panther 
Solutions for 

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the need for this new strategy in the world of ventilation.

A high volume of invasive ventilators were purchased and only a few months later it became more evident that an optimal treatment approach for COVID patients relies heavily on non-invasive ventilation with a portion requiring invasive support.

As a result, these facilities ended up with more expensive ventilators lacking the critical functionality actually required to support the patient through their escalation and de-escalation path of care needs.

Moreover, due to the high prices of traditional compressed air ventilators, large parts of the world cannot support COVID patients and equip hospitals with adequate ventilators. The versatile line of Panther ventilators perfectly fulfils the urgent cost sensitive needs while providing the highest and most complete clinical care solution.

Both Panther Devices are equipped with special features for Corona intensive care units:

  • Optimally address the needs of COVID-19 by providing full patient support with no need for compressed air infrastructure which is some areas is a major hurdle

  • Contamination Control (Covid-19):

    • Contaminated parts such as Outlet and exhalation valve can be easily removed and sterilized or replaced with single-use versions

    • Ventilator enclosure designed for easy disinfection

    • Complies with regulation standard preventing flow back to prevent cross contamination (ISO80601-2-12) not supported by most NIV devices

    • Designed to work with standard filters and circuits including hydrophobic filters

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