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Suction Maneuver

The suction maneuver streamlines and improves safety when performing closed or open suction maneuvers. This is done by disabling expected alarms, elevating oxygen automatically and increasing safety by detecting unacceptable conditions during the maneuver.
The maneuver supports both closed and open suction maneuvers.
When activated, the ventilator automatically performs the required suction phases and detects what operation is done during the maneuver such as circuit disconnection and reconnection. Relevant alarms are disabled and are enabled only after the completion of the maneuver reducing alarm fatigue.
For example, during an open suction maneuver the ventilator will automatically elevate O2 for pre-oxygenation, will then detect the circuit opening marking the movement to suction, will stop ventilation and prevent the certain alarms from triggering while the circuit is open, will then wait for circuit reconnection and restart ventilation delaying certain alarms, then after post oxygenation will automatically return the O2 settings to the pre-suction level.
This process increases safety, reduces alarm fatigue, and verifies correct oxygenation support before and after the suction, providing risk mitigation for common mistakes during suction.

Suction Maneuver
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