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Reference Loops

The reference loops screen allows the selection of up to two saved loops that will be shown along with a live loop. This allows performing measurements on all loops simultaneously, effectively analyzing the change in the patient’s condition.
As reference loops are saved with the date and time, it is possible to find the required loop(s) by their shown date and time. However, in many cases the interest is to find and compare loops to evaluate the effects of a procedure, such as before and after a recruitment maneuver.
As in other cases, Origin’s team worked on a method to streamline this process. When a specific loop is selected, the user interface immediately shows events that happened prior to the loop being saved and after it. Browsing the event list significantly improves the ability to find the required comparison loops quickly.
For example, if the clinician wants to compare the condition of the patient before and after a recruitment maneuver. This can be easily done by browsing the events and quickly identifying which loops were saved before and after the maneuver, and then superimpose them with the live loop analyzing the changes.

Reference Loops
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