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The Paradigm Shift

Origin’s ventilators can provide the ideal patient care for any patient from simple O2 therapy, through non-invasive and invasive up to the sickest most demanding patient in intensive care, all in ONE device. No need for multiple devices or switching ventilators as the patient’s state changes or is transported in the facility.

By creating such a platform, healthcare facilities can shift away from the traditional concepts of purchasing several devices to cover their needs: expensive high-performance compressed air ventilators + lower capability ventilators for patient mobility + dedicated non-invasive ventilators that provide the required NIV performance + O2 therapy devices, and instead purchase one device that does it all – The Panther ventilator.

This has significant impacts on:
1. Economics: fewer devices, lower overall cost, low cost of ownership, no compressed air infrastructure required
2. Patient support and safety: patients are not moved between ventilators as their needs change or when being moved inside the facility
3. Operational aspects: clinical and technical support personnel learn how to operate one device instead of different devices that work in different ways

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