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With operation of 3+ hours from battery, low weight, internal blower air source, low flow and high pressure O2 inlets, easy mount cart and a small footprint, the Panther ventilator is highly mobile providing the highest level of care.
With the Panther line of ventilators there is no need for a separate device for intra-hospital transport due to premium performance in all modes.
There are clinical and risk reducing benefits to keeping patients on one respiratory support device for the entire duration of their therapy. Patients tend to suffer various clinical setbacks when they are switched to and from less capable devices.
In addition, the use of one mobile device reduces device burden as well as risks and costs associated with training, operation and service on multiple devices.
Mobility also gives the clinician an easier device to manage and enables early patient mobility. Getting patients out of bed (early patient mobilization) has been shown to decrease time on the ventilator, decrease hospital length of stay, and improve functional outcomes.

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