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By combining a state-of-the-art blower with our patented proportional flow valve, the Panther ventilators deliver excellent pressurization rates at high pressures and flows and provides high precision breath delivery to the patient.
With performance as good or better than any dual compressed gas source ventilator, the ventilator can support the most demanding neonatal* through adult patients.
The difference is the proportional valve interface with a high-powered blower. This patented system enables pressurization up to 100 cmH2O with quicker response times and adaptation to patient demand providing optimal support of the patient’s condition and needs.
The structure also allows for very high bias flows required in specific non-invasive settings or when using helmets. The ability to quickly and easily adjust to these requirements combined with advanced leak analysis algorithms provides the highest support level for non-invasive patients
* Option is not available in the USA

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