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Non-Invasive Ventilation

Performance and Features:
The Panther ventilators are designed with the objective of providing highest performance non-invasive support that enables it to be used with any patient interface from traditional vented (intentional leak) and non-vented (no leak) masks to nasal prongs.
The Panther platform quickly adapts to leaks and incorporates a highly leak tolerant SMART TRIGGER ™ both of which deliver exceptional NIV support and minimizes the time required for the transition to patient comfort and stability.
As with all NIV therapy, patient comfort, patient synchrony and the ability to adapt quickly to leaks are the benchmarks to minimize NIV failure.
The proprietary novel SMART TRIGGER ™ detects patient effort independent of absolute flow or pressure providing improved synchrony and trigger response in high and unstable leak conditions. The ventilator quickly analyzes and adjusts to compensate for leaks, minimizing the need to adjust trigger and expiratory cycle settings to provide optimal support.

Volume Compensation:
The Panther ventilators provide the ability to activate volume compensation for volume breaths. When the feature is activated, the ventilator will safely provide more volume at the outlet carefully analyzing the leaks and the overall leak volume, guaranteeing that the patient receives the set volume.
Measurements of inspiratory Vleak, leak (lpm and %), average leak (lpm) and leak alarms provide the clinician with all the information to correctly adjust the mask if needed.

Circuits and regulatory compliance:
The ability to use dual limb circuits as well as vented masks reduces CO2 rebreathing, reduces expiratory resistance, and allows for a seamless transition between invasive and non-invasive ventilation. This allows the ventilator to deliver true non-invasive ventilation excellence while providing all the advantages of an ICU ventilator for monitoring a multitude of parameters including SpO2 and CO2.
The design of the ventilator complies with all regulatory requirements for ICU ventilators with respect to flowback into the ventilator, which is a major concern related to cross contamination that can happen with many standalone dedicated NIV ventilators.

Non-Invasive Ventilation
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