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High Flow O2 Therapy

The Panther line of ventilators provides high flow O2 therapy equivalent to any standalone device but with the added advantages of additional monitoring, settable alarms and the ability to use a single limb circuit or the same dual limb circuit used for NIV and invasive ventilation.
These are some of the added benefits of using the Panther ventilator instead of a standalone device:
• SpO2, HR, SpO2/FiO2 monitoring on the ventilator.
• Ventilator logs record all therapies and changes during use.
• Internal pressure and O2 alarms as well as settable alarms for SpO2 and HR.
• Flexibility to use a standard dual or single limb breathing circuit.
• Automatic adjustment of ventilator operation based on the detected breathing circuit.
• Use of a single multifunctional device reduces risk associated with the operation of multiple devices related patient transfer between them and cross contamination.
• In case of an degradation in patient status, very quick change to NIV ventilation on the same device.

High Flow O2 Therapy
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