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3 Devices in 1

The Panther line of Ventilators was designed from the beginning to make the clinician’s life easier and lower the cost burden of critical care by combining multiple therapies into one device solution (Invasive, Non-Invasive and high flow O2 therapy).
This eliminates the need for three separate devices that take up space and resources. This platform is the new gold standard for performance and synchrony as a next generation multi-functional device.
The Panther ventilators eliminate the need for a standalone NIV devices. The superior leak compensation, leak adaptive triggering, and compatibility with traditional NIV interfaces, result in the superior NIV capability. The proprietary triggering algorithm improves patient synchrony even in the presence of variable or high flow leaks.
High flow O2 therapy is offered through the Panther ventilators with up to 80 L/min of flow, negating the need for a standalone high flow O2 therapy device.
This combination of functionality helps streamline clinician workflow and is less disruptive to patient management.
As the Panther ventilators are highly mobile, work for more than 3 hours from the internal battery, do not require compressed air and remove the need for a step-down unit commonly used for patient intrahospital support.
In addition, the use of one mobile device reduces device burden as well as risks and costs associated with training, operation and service on multiple devices.

3 Devices in 1
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