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Changing the world

of ventilation

By combining a state-of-the-art blower with a patented proportional flow valve and specialized algorithms, the Panther ventilators deliver higher pressure, more flow, and precise breaths to the patient.  With performance as good or better than any dual compressed gas source ventilator, the Panther can support the sickest neonatal through adult patient.

Blue abstract waves:3D rendered fractal.

Lt. Col Adam Peter MD

Deputy Head

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Military Hospital Budapest, Hungary:

" The most important virtue of this machine is that it can ventilate the patient not only in all possible invasive ventilation modes, but the same machine is able to provide non-invasive and even high-flow nasal oxygen therapy. This makes the Panther 5 a versatile machine capable of supporting any patient in breathing difficulty. It can be used during the whole disease process, supporting the patient with a noninvasive mode or HFO2, in an invasive mode when the deterioration makes it necessary, and the same ventilator can be used after the patient is extubated but still needs ventilatory support in a non-invasive mode. It should be noted that this also saves money and spares the environment since only one machine is needed instead of three to fulfill patient’s needs. This is an important factor when policy makers decide which machine to buy "

Advanced Ventilation

A paradigm shift

From establishment, Origin Medical Devices’ mission was to develop a new generation of high-performance innovative ventilators that will create a paradigm shift in the ventilation market.

This is achieved by having one device with performance matching or exceeding the best ICU ventilators, the state of the art non-invasive ventilators and with unique additional capabilities, all in a very intuitive and easy to use device.

The Panther 5N dedicated non-invasive provides the best of both worlds - high performance dedicated NIV as well as emergency invasive ventilation

Supports any patient, even the most severe respiratory failure

The Panther ventilators are top of the line ICU level ventilators utilizing an advanced blower along with a specially designed flow control valve. Unlike other blower based ventilators, this design provides both high flow delivery, extremely fast response to patient demand and very fast and stable pressurization during pressure breaths.

With advanced triggering and patient adaptation algorithms the ventilator can support patient

Single device solution: 3-in-1 platform

The Panther ventilators are intended to make the clinician’s life easier and lower the cost of critical care by combining multiple therapies into one device solution (HFO2 Therapy, NIV, Invasive).  No more need for three separate devices that take up space and resources.  The ventilator sets the gold standard for performance with noninvasive ventilation and generates precise flow in every situation.

Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools to improve patient safety and support

Advanced features enable optimization of ventilator settings to match the patient’s needs and therapeutic goals.  Integrated patient monitoring, including SpO2 and volumetric capnography, provides the clinician with better information and improves clinical decisions.

Comprehensive synchrony tools to simplify patient management

The smart trigger proprietary algorithm improves synchrony and reduces the patient’s work of breathing in both noninvasive and invasive applications.  Patients with obstructive conditions, such as COPD, require improved trigger detection and the Panther ventilator line smart trigger has a novel approach to measuring patient effort.   Severe or variable leaks often cause noninvasive ventilation to fail, but applying the smart trigger calculation allows the clinician to detect and compensate in even extreme patient cases.

Independent from compressed Air

Freedom from compressed air allows the Panther ventilator to operate in any hospital around the world.  Pandemic buildings often do not have compressed air available and a better solution is needed for locations with less infrastructure. The ventilator is small, lightweight, and has a long battery life compared to other solutions on the market.  There is no need for a separate transport or step-down unit, the Panther maintains top performance and offers portability for intrahospital transport.

Accessible and affordable

Through 3-in-1 functionality, independence from compressed air, and careful design focused on simplicity: the Panther ventilators offers the most cost-effective ventilation solution for healthcare providers.  In addition, the Panther ventilator line requires less frequent preventative maintenance, fewer service parts, and easy repair without any specialized tools or training.  Cost of ownership was considered at every stage of development to ensure customers get the most value for their investment.

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