We have designed our ventilators using a core platform which utilizes state of the art technology with the aim to provide high performance and capability devices while maintaining a high level of reliability and safety as well as low COGS.

Acute level performance is achieved by our Rapid Response Flow System (RRFS) which provides millisecond response to flow demand as well as very fast pressurization.

Reliability and safety are increased by special structuring of the software and processor separation.

Multiple displays can be connected to the same ventilator due to our unique software platform. This addresses the need for larger displays in hospitals at one end of the spectrum while also addressing the needs of patients in wheelchairs which benefit from a separate display mounted on the wheelchair while the ventilator is in the back.

Inherent networking capabilities are built into the system. These provide functionality for sending messages to a facility’s control center, sending messages to central servers for tracking technical aspects and faults, remote monitoring of the ventilator on portable devices such as tablets, remote software updates and more

​Easy expansion is designed into the system both in hardware as in software. An example would be adding a Pulse Oximeter SPO2 monitor.