Panther 5 acute care ventilator


The Panther5 ventilator is an ICU level ventilator utilizing an advanced blower along with a specially designed Rapid Response Flow System. Unlike other blower based ventilators, this design provides both high flow delivery, extremely fast response to patient demand and very fast and stable pressurization during pressure breaths.

The capability to achieve a high level of control enables ventilation in advanced modes as well as the standard modes.

Because an internal blower is used, there is no need for compressed air, making it both highly versatile and transportable.

Utilizing a high end 15" TFT display with a projective capacitive touch screen provides a very clear and easy to use interface for control and monitoring along with easy to operate functionality. Common gestures used in daily devices such as phones and tablets are used to make usage as intuitive as possible.

The high integration of the design utilizes very low power enabling the ventilator to run off its internal battery for up to 4 hours. 

The design of the ventilator takes into account the growing needs for communications, remote access, program updates and more. By utilizing different communication methods and modes, SD card and USB slots, the Panther5 can answer any communication and remote access demands.

Designed for cost effectiveness, the Panther5 design was focused not just on low COGS, but also on ease of assembly, automated built in tests as well as automated external programs that reduce the total cost of manufacturing and maintenance of the ventilator. This provides an ICU solution at a very low cost.

The versatile design enables easy and low cost adaptation of the ventilator to changing market needs.