Enhanced monitoring and control in the facility
Special accessories enable connecting of large external displays or control panels to the ventilator providing a larger, clearer and more complete view of the patient as well as improved control.

Tracking of technical problems and software updates
The VINS sends technical data to centralized servers accessible to the dealers and the manufacturer.  This increases the reliability of the device and provides early warning about possible faults which could escalate. It also provides significantly better tracking of maintenance issues, updates to the device, preventive maintenance and more.

The VINS provide a much safer, controllable and reliable means of updating software in the ventilator

Connection to a facility’s control center
TheVINS sends alerts, setting changes and real time monitored parameters to a control center. It enables easy safe and secure adding of communication protocols to adapt to any center.

Remote monitoring to improved expert care
The VINS sends real time secure alerts to phones, tablets and other devices, providing them with real time remote access for monitoring the device. Real time data includes ventilator status, current alerts, settings, monitored parameters as well as waveforms and loop. Access to history information is also available.

In all aspects of life, including medical care, there is a trend towards networking devices. This includes sharing of data, providing centralized control and remote access for monitoring and control of the device.
Our aim was to develop products that will bring the top of the line communication technologies into the ventilation world and to answer the growing needs for networked access to all devices, while in the hospital, at home or even on the move.
To answer these needs, we have developed the Versatile Integrated Network Support (VINS). This system provides integrated secure networking capabilities to our products, allowing them to communicate with computers, tablets and even phones over the network.