Increased Safety

Utilizing the capability to support a range of protocols to multiple centers simultaneously, the ventilator can send technical notifications and logs to the centralized servers that support the dealer as well as the manufacturer.

This increases the reliability of the device and provides early warning about possible faults or problems which could otherwise escalate to a more significant problem.

This also provides significantly better tracking of maintenance issues, updates to the device, and in case of preventive maintenance or a recall, provides significantly better control of the process. Thus, increasing the safety and reliability of the ventilator.

In addition, by accessing the remote servers of the manufacturer, the device can check for software updates and download them.
Activation of software updates or new software features can be done on the ventilator with the required authorization code which tracks the person, date and time of any update to any device. Even if the update is performed manually through the use of an SD card or USB memory connected to the ventilator, the information about the update is sent to the manufacturer for complete tracking and process control.