Testing of performance of ICU ventilators

Test protocol taken from "Performance of Current Intensive Care Unit Ventilators During Pressure and Volume Ventilation: Andrew D Marchese, Demet Sulemanji MD, Daniel Chipman RRT, Jesu´s Villar PhD MD, and Robert M Kacmarek PhD RRT FAARC", 2011

DT (ms)
DP (ms)
Minimal P (cmH2O)
PTP (cmH2O * ms)
Time to 90% of target pressure(ms)171311150200


Acute Level Performance

Most blower based ventilators are limited in their performance mainly due to the relatively long time it takes the blower to ramp up or down and change its flow. 
This method normally causes two additional problems: overheating of the blower as well as the requirement for very large capacity batteries with high current draw capability. 

Our engineers in Origin Medical Devices have developed a patented technology for the flow delivery system, the Rapid Response Flow system (RRFS). This system provides an extremely fast response time while not drawing any excess current. 

The RRFS along with the high speed processor and measurement subsystems create a sensitive and fast response ventilation that reduces the work of breathing by the patient, the PTP and improve pressurization.

​We have performed comparison studies on the response time, one of which is provided for general reference.