ORIGIN MEDICAL DEVICES specializes in design and development of High End ventilation equipment for Intensive Care Units, field hospitals and home care.

Based on 16 years of experience in development and manufacturing of ventilators, we continuously thrive to improve the next generation of ventilators: high performance, portable, reliable, safe, networking ready and low cost.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of products at the lowest possible cost, and by doing so, improve the quality of life for people requiring ventilation all over the world, including in developing countries. 

Our unique innovations provide optimal patient support be it in the ICU, long term facility, at home or on the road.

By adding networking functionality to our products we improve the quality of care, of the ventilators themselves and improve technical support to customers.

Automation Software


Software package used in the production phase, repair, maintenance providing a comprehensive and reliable automated verification of the ventilator's functionality and performance at any time it is required.

O-RC7 - 7" controller

This expansion device is an integrated controller equivalent to that of the smaller ventilators providing the capability to control the ventilator when it is not directly accessible (such as in wheelchairs).



O-RC15 - 15" controller

Aimed at smaller display ventilator, this device is an integrated 15" control panel that provides full control and enhanced view of the ventilator directly or through the network.


O-HDMI – HDMI adapter

This expansion device enables the connection of the ventilator to any HDMI compliant device, directly or through the network, providing enhanced information.


Remote access Software


This is a dedicated software package that runs on tablets or computers and provides access through the Wi-Fi network to the device.



acute care ventilator

- High performance blower based ventilator 

- Advanced capabilities

- Large intuitive user interface

- Low cost

- Network ready



portable ventilator

- High performance blower based ventilator 

- Portable due to small size and weight

- Very easy to operate

- Low cost

- Network ready